About Us

Our Story

Our story began in London, with a big frustration of how boring tech retail is. An idea was born. Lets make the best store in the world. A store people love to come back to with their loved ones. 7 years later, we have stores all around the world, in partnership with the world's best department stores. Each one has its own identity, but our mission has always been the same: to support the next generation of innovators, to the world's biggest brands, by telling their stories to the rest of the world. At the same time, create an unforgettable experience that make you go: wow.


We’re your retail partner for life
Smartech Retail Group is the only physical retail platform where you can start, grow, and scale your business—across the most luxury department stores in one go.


The world’s most innovative brands choose Smartech
Watch the stories behind some of the most innovative and successful brands with Smartech
  • Billion-dollar  brands like TCL, P&G, Sony, Snapchat, Microsoft, to name a few
  • High-growth startups with killer ideas like Remarkable, Nothing and Fliteboard