Go For Gold: 24K Arcade Machine

Meet the World’ First Gold Retro Arcade Machine

Introducing the World’s first-ever gold arcade machine. This calibre of luxury brings walls, floors and ceilings to life with individuality and uniqueness, a new point of singularity for gamers seeking authenticity everywhere. Polycade reimagines arcade gaming for the modern-day with a powerful system to run the new generation of arcade hits along with your favourite nostalgic classics! We wanted to introduce the catalyst that transforms your vision into reality, so you can lift the lid on what it means to interactively game and truly immerse yourself. Embodying experiences that feel authentic and organic is a hard-to-find feature- and the deep reflective process Playhouse has undergone effortlessly meets you at a standpoint that is awe-inspiring.

Reimagine Luxury to new heights.

Technology is more accessible than ever before. Exclusivity and high anticipation is rare, so when you hear that “Goldcade is the world’s first and only golden arcade console.”- instantly, your attention is captured. Being a fully connected arcade platform designed to play both classic & modern games, Goldcade brings an element of pure luxury to the retro-gaming experience designed for those wanting the most ultimate exclusivity and enjoying classic favourites or wanting to discover new titles! Smartech aims to create a hyper-immersive experience that is only offered by us in a retail space, offering an exclusive opportunity to play the way no one has before. 

The fusion between gaming and luxury

The infusion of new and relevant technologies with luxury is a concept redefined by the Goldcade. The quest for the competitive edge is always met with groundbreaking new discoveries and the innovative implementation of new tech, brought to life by Polycade. Dynamic in nature, the output of such models is a function of time, where original and organic thought is rewarded with awe and inspiration.