Gillette Heated Razor


The World's First Heated Razor

Transform your Christmas morning routine with the world’s first Heated Razor – an innovative step forward in grooming which incorporates Gillette’s thinnest, finest, and most advanced razor blades, as well a state-of-the-art warming bar designed to deliver heat and comfort with every razor stroke.
The perfect Christmas gift. Choose from two different temperatures to find your ultimate comfort, and turn your shave into a luxurious ritual to be enjoyed day after day.


Reinvent Your Shave

When it comes to Christmas in the UK, there’s no such thing as too prepared. A heated razor from Gillette is an essential investment at this time of year – not simply as a means of keeping your skin smooth, but also a way to enhance your every winter look.The hunt for Christmas presents is officially on – and so is the pressure.

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