Nothing ear (1)

Launching on August 21st online on and in-store at Smartech, Selfridges.

Nothing is on a mission to remove barriers between people and technology. They aim to bring passion back to tech, by developing an ecosystem of products where artistry and craftsmanship rule the day. ear (1) is their first product. It has transparent veneers that highlight and celebrate the technology underneath, revealing it's raw beauty. Powerful sound, state of the art noise cancelling and robust battery life are packed into cloud-light earbuds weighing just 4.7g each. Active noise cancellation allows you to cancel unwanted noise and customisable gestures allow you to make this product your own.

Sound Of Change

Looking for something new? Nothing strives to bring passion back to tech, their first product ear (1) has transparent veneers to highlight the craftsmanship underneath. ear (1) delivers superb sound, voice, and connectivity whilst also mastering silence with active noise cancellation. An 11.6mm dynamic driver gives advanced bass, mid, and treble performance yet, one earbud only weighs 4.7g, wearing them really feels like... nothing!